Business Services

On the UKWP website you will find a Student Bulletin Board which is constantly updated by our professional team of staff.

In order to make life easy for you UKWP have developed a system which has worked for companies in the UK in the UK who have participated in the programme.

When we receive applications from our students and trainees we firstly summarise this information and upload in onto our student bulletin page.

This information is then inserted onto our monthly student bulletin; this is then distributed to all our Company’s on our database. The information which you will receive will be details of the students, studies, work experiences, date of arrival, duration, nationality, and if they require accommodation costs to be paid by the host company.

If after receiving this information you feel you would like further information on a particular student or trainee, we will then forward to you their C.V for your perusal.

After viewing all of the information, you feel that your company will be able to offer our student or trainee a work placement, you will be required to forward a proposal which will consist of the name of the company, address, contact details, number of employees, job description and job title. We will then forward this to our student or trainee for their consideration. Once we receive confirmation, we will then finalise the work placement by sending the company terms of agreement.

Before we accept any applications from students we ensure that they can fully understand and speak English and also conduct a brief telephone interview with the applicant, so you can be rest assured that all of our applications are at the highest levels.


As all of our students are here on work experience programs, they do not require any remuneration. We do however ask the Host Company to pay accommodation costs for the students if they have asked UKWP to locate for them; this is in the region of £90-£120 per week. We have a network of host families throughout the U.K. and are able, if requested, to provide students with reasonably priced accommodation, close to their place of work.


To register with UKWP, just complete the online company form. We will then upload you onto our database and you will begin to receive your regular student bulletin.