How much does it cost?

How much does it cost?

Flights, airport transfers, full-board accommodation, local transfer and travel insurance are included as standard and are fully funded.

Additional funding may be available for you if you come within any of the categories below:

  • Students with annual household income of 25k or less.
  • Students receiving Universal Credit or income-related benefits, because they are financially supporting themselves or supporting themselves and someone who is dependent on them and living with them, such as child or partner.
  • Learners in care or who are care experienced. This refers to anyone who has been or is currently in care or from a looked after background at any stage of their life, no matter how short, including adopted children who were previously looked after.
  • Students who have caring responsibilities. A child or young person up to age 25 who provides (unpaid) care or intends to provide care for another person in, or outside of, the family home for someone who is physically or mentally ill, disabled or misusing drugs or alcohol.
  • Learners in receipt of free school meals
  • Refugees and asylum seekers

If any of the above apply to you, then you may receive actual costs for additional travel expenses such as:

Passports, visa, insurance, work appropriate clothing, luggage as necessary.

Proof of status must be provided.