Our Company

UK Work Placement is a training centre based in the North-West of England specialising in a range of activities, including vocational and professional training, youth and adult cultural exchange and language programmes funded by the European Commission and Erasmus+.

As an intermediary company we provide the following services amongst others: management and coordination of projects, reporting, evaluation and dissemination of the outcomes and results of the projects.

We have been involved in many placements, partnerships, and language trainings over the past few years as a Intermediary Partner and Host Partner. Over this time we have worked with many project promoters and sending organisations across Europe. This experience has enabled us to fully comprehend the requirements of sending organisations, ensuring we coordinate successful programmes which fulfil objectives.

We work with schools, colleges, universities, training centres, councils, private and non-profit organisations, and job centres from across Europe on various programmes.

The participating trainees come from a variety of backgrounds and levels of education, and include: students, graduates, apprentices, jobseekers, and post-graduates. All our participants gain an invaluable experience in the UK, honing their skills, and building on their professional and interpersonal skills in a different language.

We would love to be the UK-based partner you choose to manage your projects.

For more details and to discuss your requirements, please contact us.