Student Accommodation

Students who come to the UK to carry out their work placements always say to us that in order to fully understand the British way of life, then a home-stay with a British family will provide you with that experience.

Staying with a British Family will provide you with a completely different and interesting experience. It will provide you with a close insight into the lives of British people and also as an added bonus improve your level of English. UKWP will in most cases be able to arrange accommodation for the student as close and convenient as possible to their place of work.. In most cases we are able to arrange accommodation for Student as close as possible to your place of work. Typical costs for half-board accommodation (i.e. bed, breakfast and evening meal) would be £120 per week within the London area and £90 per week in other regions.

Please fill in the online form if you would like UKWP to arrange a home-stay accommodation for you during your work placement.