Student Services

What do we offer?

UKWP arranges UK placement opportunities to European Union students in a variety of industries across the UK. We have good professional credibility, with experience of successfully matching overseas students to quality UK placement job opportunities.

A work placement will give you commercial experience in UK business, enabling you to positively contribute to a UK company’s performance. UK Work Placement offers a supportive and friendly environment; we will deal with the administration, help to find you accommodation, introduce you to other students on placement, and will be available to give assistance on other issues as required.

What we do?

In order for us to proceed in arranging a suitable work placement we do require a few details about you. To register with UKWP, you must complete our online application form and also submit your most up to date CV to

At UK Work Placement we have professional staff who carefully study and review your application and C.V.
From this information we can then find out the kind of company, department and industry that you would like to work in and also what experiences and qualification you have. The application also tells us how long you would like to do your work placement, types of accommodation required etc.

All this information is then summarised and inserted into our bulletin which is sent to our network of Company’s across the UK.

Our experienced team also actively seek suitable companies according to your particular requirement. In addition to this we have also have a Student Bulletin Board on this website. Your information is posted on the Student Bulletin Board giving prospective companies a chance to see who you are, and what you are looking for. Companies then contact us for further information on particular students.

Our student bulletin is constantly updated. We will place your details on our student bulletin board for a period of eight weeks or until we find a suitable placement, whichever is sooner. Please note, additional insertion on the student bulletin board will be subject to space and availability.

Work placement Proposition

UKWP will forward to you any work proposition we receive for your consideration. Included in this will be details of the proposed company and also job description and job title.

If the work placement is suitable and matches your requirements you will then be asked to send us a confirmation of acceptance. We will then send a confirmation term of agreement to the company detailing all the specifics on the work placement. We will also send you a work placement offer also detailing this information. Your entry from the bulletin board will then be deleted at this point.

If the proposal is not to your satisfaction, UKWP will continue our search of finding a suitable work placement for you and your details will remain on the student bulletin page.

Will I receive ongoing support during my placement?

Yes. UK Work Placement will remain in contact with the student and Host Company to ensure the placement is going to plan
We will help you find accommodation
We will put you in touch with other UK Work Placement students to enable you to develop a network of friends
We will provide you with information on the city of your placement
How to Apply

You must complete the online application form and then forward you’re most up to date C. V to We will then contact you upon receiving this information and then again as soon as we receive any formal work placement proposal’s from Company’s.

Salary and Accommodation Cost

*Although we will endeavour to find Company’s who will pay accommodation costs this may not be possible in some industries,( i.e fashion, marketing). These industries have hundreds of students on their register to choose from and majority of these students live in the UK and do not require any subsistence towards their accommodation.

Group Bookings

We do have special discounted rates for institutions; please contact UKWP offices to find out more.